Salon Ambience CH-040 Camille Styling Chair


Salon Ambience CH-040 Camille Styling Chair


The Camille Styling Chair by Salon Ambience is Made in Italy and features high quality Italian vinyl and top of the line construction and quality. The Camille chair boasts a boutique style that can help create either a more intimate setting in smaller workplaces, or a grand, luxurious statement in larger salons. Recalling a Louis XIV-era style, the chromed armrests’ mix of sharp angles and smooth curves ties together perfectly with the rounded seat and backrest, with the backrest in particular standing out thanks to its buttoned finish. Available in one- and two-tone vibrant color variations from a wide choice of 47 Sky Colors at no extra cost. This styling chairs is also available with multiple base options to meet your desire of functionality and design.

Made in Italy from High-End Italian Vinyl
Great Boutique Style for More Intimate Settings
Superior Italian Construction for Great Durability
Unmatched Italian Design & Style
One & Two Tone Color Options w/ 47 Sky Color Choices
Multiple Base Options to Match Desired Style & Functionality

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