Footsie Footbath


Footsie Footbath


The Footsie Bath Pedicure Spa is a high-quality professional pedicure spa with a disposable liner system that assures a 100% sanitary Pedicure experience. This Footsie Footbath set comes complete with the carrier basket & 10 Pack of Liners. The Footsie Footbath is lightweight and deep enough for therapeutic soak. The disposable liner is designed for one-time use, and is perfectly pre-fitted to the tub for a professional look. This Footbath features double heating elements which makes it easier to maintain temperature for the client. The bowl is 6″ deep, allowing enough room for proper soak and treatments while a noise reduction system allows soothing vibration without a lot of noise. Four position control knob for easy customization: Heat and Vibrate, Heat Only, Vibrate only, off.

Complete w/ Tray & Carrier Basket & 10 Pack of Liners
Disposable Liner System for a 100% Sanitary Pedicure Experience
Lightweight & Durable Footbath w/ Double Heating Elements
Extra Deep 6″ Bowl Perfect for Proper Therapeutic Soak
Retractable Cord & 4 Position Control Knob – Heat and Vibrate, Heat Only, Vibrate only, & Off
Vibration Noise Reduction System

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