8600 Porcelain Bowl Tilting


8600 Porcelain Bowl Tilting


The 8600 Porcelain Tilting Backwash Shampoo Bowl is a premium shampoo bowl that can last 20 years, or more, if it’s not abused. The bowl tilts 6″ to accommodate a wide range of customers and it’s best used in conjunction with a chair that has some front-to-back adjustment. That combination increases the range of customers that can be accommodated. The 8600 Bowl comes with a reliable tilt-mechanism, the 570 faucet, shampoo hose, vacuum breaker, hair strainer, drain assembly, and flexible tail stock.UPC certifed. Complies with ASME A112.19.12 and CSA B45.1-2013.

Measures 20″ x 22″ x 11″
Just 22″ front to back – perfect for stylists with a shorter reach!The 8600 bowl is stocked in Black & White for prompt shipment.

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