Collins 115183 SO Amati Reception Desk


Collins 115183 SO Amati Reception Desk


The Collins 115183 SO Amati Reception Desk by Collins is made 100% in the U.S.A and offers the highest level or quality and durability that you can find in the salon equipment industry. The geometric styling of the Amati Desk in an eye ctacher and a favorite among salon owners.  It comes complete with an elevated customer ledge, steel legs and a left side return giving you plenty of workable space.  It includes four drawer, two storage cabinets plus bag storage shelves.We also have the Amati BC Portable Station, Amati FS Styling Station, Amati Wall-Mounted Mirror, Amati 360 Styling Station, Amati Bi-Level Styling Vanity, Amati Bi-Level Tall Styling Vanity, Amati Bi-Level Styling Vanity w/ Retail, Amati Back-to-Back Mirror Station, Amati Tall Back-to-Back Styling Island, Amati Retail Display Unit, Amati Amico Reception Desk, and the Amati Galileo Reception Desk to furnish your entire salon!

Made 100% in the U.S.A. 
Steel Legs
Left Side Return 
Elevated Customer Ledge 
(4) Drawers
(2) Storage Cabinets
Available in 49 Laminate Colors

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